Industry Training
The wine industry is one of the oldest and most respected industries in the world. It is also one of the most complex with thousands of grape varieties, regions, and endless regulations. As such, professional training is critical for advancement in both the hospitality and wine trades.
Grappolo Wine School is committed to providing the most relevant and up-to-date information to help advance your career. We offer everything from hyper-focused hospitality staff training to certification courses, all presented in an engaging-interactive manner. 
We can help hone your tasting skills, improve staff sales, and give advice for an upcoming examination.  
Are you a hospitality or retail manager and would like to train your staff privately? 
We offer on-site and customized training for your teams. Everything from service basics, and wine 101, to specific regional masterclasses and aroma workshops. 
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Wine Fundamentals Workshop
Are you a hospitality professional or a curious consumer looking to deepen your knowledge of the wide world of wine? Our Fundamentals Crashcourse will give you the skills you need to understand the nuances of different grapes, regions, and styles of wine through our engaging and interactive learning activities. You'll gain the appreciation and confidence to build your wine vocabulary and explore new ways to describe wines. Whether you're looking to expand your current expertise or just beginning your journey, this course is the perfect way to build insight into the fascinating and ever-changing wine world. 
We guarantee this will be a fun day filled with "hands-on" activities, and in the end, you'll be able to describe the essence of wine with ease.

Overview of wine’s structural components (tannin, acidity, body, alcohol, sweetness)
Comparative tasting: new vs old world wines
Wine descriptions: painting visual pictures with poignant words
Aroma workshop: a walkaround blind-smelling sensorial exercise with 48 common wine aromas. 
Blind tasting exercise tying all the activities together. 

Learning outcomes: 
Building tasting confidence through practice
Gaining an understanding of wine’s structural elements and how to identify them properly (tannin, acidity, body, alcohol, sweetness)
Knowledge of the differences between new and old-world wines
Learning to expand your tasting vocabulary with accurate and playful descriptors
Acquiring aroma-identifying skills; able to accurately recognize 40+ aromas commonly found in wine and where they derive

Activity booklet
Wines for tasting
In-class experiential activities, including a full-on aroma workshop
Certificate of completion

Need to bring: 
ID- need to be 21+ to attend
An open mind, ready to learn and actively participate
Snacks: no food will be provided

Sunday, April 16th


Attimo Winery: 2246 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205​​​​​​​