Wine Fundamentals Workshop
When: Sunday, April 16
Where: Attimo Winery
Cost: $150
Are you a hospitality professional or a curious consumer looking to deepen your knowledge of the wide world of wine? Our Fundamentals Crashcourse will give you the skills you need to understand the nuances of different grapes, regions, and styles of wine through our engaging and interactive learning activities. You'll gain the appreciation and confidence to build your wine vocabulary and explore new ways to describe wines. Whether you're looking to expand your current expertise or just beginning your journey, this course is the perfect way to build insight into the fascinating and ever-changing wine world. 
Italian Wine Maestro Course
Open to the public or industry professionals. A deep exploration of Italian native grape varieties spanning all 20 regions. 
Our themed classes are built to be fun, engaging, and educational. If you would like to learn more about wine or have a fun night out with your crew, check out our ongoing pop-up series around Colorado. Check below for upcoming events and follow our social for class announcements.